Why you should take your kids Camping

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Why you should take your kids Camping

Haven’t ventured out camping with your kids before? Wondering whether the camping experience will suit your family and benefit your kids? Here are a few points that may help you make up your mind.



Let’s face it, as parents we want to spend as much good quality time with our kids as we can but our fast pace, busy lives sometimes gets in the way. Sleeping in a tent or caravan is a great way to get everyone together in close proximity. More than that, some of the simplest things take on new life that the whole family can enjoy together.

Camping allows you to work together to set up your temporary dwelling, cook meals together and enjoy outdoor activities like fishing, swimming, building sandcastles and exploring. Things that we sometimes just don’t make the time to do while in our busy routines.

Then there’s bonding around a campfire and seeing your children mesmerized by a story or the flames searing their Marshmallows instead of entranced by a TV or I Pad screen.


Fresh Air.

When you’re camping and the sun goes down, there is nothing to do but sit together, looking up at the stars and enjoying the tranquility and clean air.

Enjoy a card game, ask the kids what their favourite part of the day was, and listen to the calming sounds of nature. No interruptions. No deadlines. Just you and your kids.

For some reason food also tastes better outside. I’m not sure if it’s not having a TV constantly blaring in background or just the break in your everyday routine but everyone seems so much more relaxed while camping outdoors.


It teaches us that ‘less is more’.

Camping is all about simplicity and believe it or not, kids thrive off it! For me, this is the BEST reason to take the kids camping! It shows them that they don’t need the constant stimulation of digital media or fancy, flashing and beeping toys. I used to bring a heap of things to entertain them from home but I found that it just impedes their creativity.

They’ll colour-in or draw pictures for 5 minutes and then they have had enough. But for some reason they find hours of fun finding magical objects in the bush and building fairy homes with sticks, special smooth pebbles, shells and colourful leaves. The next day it could be building their own shelter with sticks, a towel and bungie cords or designing a city in the sand. It makes me so happy to see them out and about, getting dirty and enjoying creating something unique with their siblings.


They sleep better.

It’s true! Kids generally sleep better when camping, even though it’s away from the comforts of their bedroom and outdoors it never ceases to amaze me just how well our kids sleep when camping. Part of the reason could be chalked down to the extra activity, sun and surf they get during the day but I find there are many other things that contribute to this:

  1. Your kids don’t have the digital stimulation that has been scientifically proven to impede both children’s and adult’s sleep time.
  2. The bush has the most amazing white noise to it at night, the constant rhythmic sound of cicadas, the thrum of the shore breaking in the distance and so much more.
  3. The kids are actually excited for bedtime. There’s something so much more exciting about jumping into a cubby house like tent or a specially made up caravan bed with your very own torch and all the excitement of what tomorrow holds on your camping adventure.



When I look back at my teenage years, I see the positive effect that camping had on me. Just having those few weeks a year away from the pressures of school, popularity, expectations and digital media.

It was a place where you left your make up and social façade at the start of the dirt road and just enjoyed being a kid again. The friends I made so easily on the playground or at the beach probably knew the real me better than the ones I hung around with in the playground. We would bond quickly over building a sand castle together or jumping rocks to discover the next rock pool.

For some reason I would always grow in confidence and be so much more willing to try new things while tucked away in a remote camping ground. Now I see this in my kids, especially my timid boy. Usually very shy in large crowds and playgrounds, when camping he is so much more adventurous and by the end of the first day he has made a friend or 2 while exploring his new surrounds.


Ready to try camping? Check out these amazing Campsites By The Beach for some great spots to try. Feeling a little overwhelmed as to what to pack for a family camp trip? The Ultimate Camping System will give you a great guide and checklists to make sure you have everything you need for a fabulous family holiday.



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